The Commuter’s Gyroelectric Transporter – An electric unicycle that keeps a rider perfectly balanced at all times using gyroscopic sensors

The Commuter’s Gyroelectric Transporter is a uniquely designed unicycle capable of keeping riders into a more comfortable and perfectly balanced while traveling around the city or even right inside your village that makes recreational activities more fun and daring, thanks to Gyroelectric Transporter’s unique gyroscopic sensors, keeping the rider at all times will not be a problem.

The Commuter's Gyroelectric Transporter

The Commuter’s Gyroelectric Transporter

This Gyroelectric Transporter is powered using a powerful 800w electric motor capable of propelling riders of up to 2 straight hours at speed of up to 15mph, thanks to the unicycle’s integrated rechargeable battery, roaming around with your friends is now more fun and exciting.

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The Commuter's Gyroelectric Transporter 1

This electric unicycle works simply by leaning forward for steady acceleration forward of course without any jolting while leaning backward will make the electric transporter run slowly, steady and stop. So how do you control the gyroelectric transporter to turn left or right? Well, just lightly lean side to side and you’ll be fine.

The Commuter’s Gyroelectric Transporter is made using a sturdy ABS construction capable of supporting riders of up to 250lbs.

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