The Commercial Quality Auto Vacuum – comes with the same detailing tools used at professional car washes

The Commercial Quality Auto Vacuum —[VIDEO]— is a professional and commercial quality auto vacuum kit that already includes all the necessary detailing tools so you can effectively clean your car at home of course without worrying about hard to reach spots.

Thanks to its included precision nozzles, now you can clean the inside of your automobile easily, from every corner of your upholstery, your car’s dashboard and even your car’s floor, its twin fan motor powered by 4.0 peak horsepower will take care of all the vacuuming for you.

The Commercial Quality Auto Vacuum

The Commercial Quality Auto Vacuum

Unlike any other ordinary home vacuum kit out there, this model is equipped with full power to clean your car’s interior, thanks also to its included flexible 30 feet long and crush-proof hose partnered with different brushes, crevice and other micro detailing tools, enjoying the same detailing tools being used at your favorite car washing shops can now be done at home without any extra cost.

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The Commercial Quality Auto Vacuum 1

The Commercial Quality Auto Vacuum even includes a powerful air-blowing feature capable of blasting away those dirt and dust from your car’s vents or even clear those standing water without any problem. Weighs only 11lbs.

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