The Cold Lipolysis Body Shaping Belt – Now you can perform fat freezing treatments at home

The Cold Lipolysis body Shaping Belt —[SOURCE]— is unique when it comes to freezing those ugly fat right at the comfort of your very own home.

Thanks to its extreme cold temp function, simulating lipolysis to break those fats and even destroying and eliminating fat cells from your body is now possible.

The Cold Lipolysis Body Shaping Belt

The Cold Lipolysis Body Shaping Belt

This body shaping belt is very easy to use and can be secured around the user’s waist, buttock, stomach using hook and loop fasteners will not be a problem plus it can even target a wide rage area just enough to get rid of unwanted fats safely as compared to other liposuction or even those surgeries out there.

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The Cold Lipolysis Body Shaping Belt 1

The Cold Lipolysis Body Shaping Belt has up to 60 minute session function and can be used for both men or women and best of all, it already includes 10 disposable pads that can be used to place between the user’s skin and the device. Weighs only 2 1/4lbs.

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