The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp – helps improve circulation, increase healing and provides relief from pain and tension

The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp [SOURCE] is unique when it comes to improving circulation, increasing healing and providing pain relief and tension throughout the owner’s body.

Thanks to the lamp’s uniquely designed therapeutic infrared energy partnered with powerful lamp capable of emitting safe infrared energy capable of penetrating the skin specially large area at the back, thigh or even at the user’s torso.

The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp

The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp

Unlike ordinary heating pad’s out there, this therapeutic lamp is designed to reach higher temperatures because it has no skin contact just perfect for that efficient and more powerful treatment you’ve been looking for at home.

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The Clinical Strength Infrared Therapy Lamp also offers quick heating function so you can easily enjoy its soothing warmth, penetrating deep into the user’s aching joints, muscles and even on sinus cavities and because this lamp tilts 35 degrees angle and has countertop design, enjoying targeted therapy while eliminating the contortions needed just like those handheld units is now possible. Simply select your desired treatment session and let the therapy lamp do the rest.

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