The Classic Duck Shooting Arcade – Inspired by the classic carnival game complete with authentic sound effects

This Duck Shooting Arcade (Available Here for only $79.95) is your perfect answer especially if you are looking for ways on how to entertain your kids’ visitors this Christmas.

Thanks to this uniquely designed classic yet fun to play carnival shooting game, kids ages 6 years old and above will surely enjoy playing the game simply because it challenges the players to knock down moving ducks.

Classic Duck Shooting Arcade

This game is perfect for developing the kids’ marksmanship, thanks to its included foam dart blaster partnered with a 3 feet long gallery with conveyor belt that carries 6 ducks, taking aim and blasting moving ducks complete with original carnival music and sound effects will simply make an afternoon full of fun and excitement.

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Classic Duck Shooting Arcade 2

This Classic Duck Shooting Arcade also features an LED where it displays the scores and remaining time and best of all, it can be played in single or 2-player mode. 15 foam darts and a sturdy blaster already included. Weighs only 7lbs.

You can buy this classic carnival duck shooting arcade for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.