The Circus Clown Mini Bike – The world’s smallest yet rideable bicycle complete with safety and comfortable features

The Circus Clown Mini Bike [SOURCE] only stands at 14 inches high yet powerful enough to entertain anyone at home or even at your circus performances, thanks to the mini bike’s solid steel construction partnered with sturdy chrome frame, supporting riders up to 300lbs. will not be a problem.

The Circus Clown Mini Bike

The Circus Clown Mini Bike

The Circus Clown Mini Bike is one of the world’s smallest yet rideable bikes around plus it even comes with an flexible rear suspension, adjustable front fork, unique handlebars and padded seat so entertaining your family or even circus fanatics with your riding expertise will not be a problem and as comfortable as possible every time.

The Circus Clown Mini Bike 1

The world’s smallest rideable bicycle has a low profile construction system perfect for helping riders improve their strength, balance and inner thigh muscles while its unique safety features like chain guard, reflectors strategically located at the pedal and front and back seat will simply provide safe and convenient performances every time.

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