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The Circulation Improving Foot and Calf Massager – Uses deep tissue Shiatsu, compression, and heat for an invigorating massage

The Circulation Improving Foot and Calf Massager [SOURCE] uses the combination of compression and deep tissue shiatsu and heat in order to provide an energizing massage perfect in improving good blood circulation and relaxing tired and aching feet and calf muscles.

Thanks to the foot and calf massager’s uniquely designed construction system where owners will simply insert their tired and aching feet right into the massager’s pockets, wrapping the calf sleeves around the legs for some energetic yet relaxing massage session.

Circulation Improving Foot and Calf Massager

This circulation improving massager already includes 6 rotating nodes designed to provide deep-focused and deep penetrating shiatsu massage right along the owner’s soles, plus it even comes with stationary nodes designed to target heel tension on both feet.

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The Circulation Improving Foot and Calf Massager also features an inflating and deflating sleeves perfect in providing compression massage enough to get rid of tension right at the top of the foot and down to the lower legs and best of all, this massage device also comes with optional heat settings designed to promote relaxation, healing, circulation and even just to relax the soles.

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