The Circular Motion Personal Barber – Your on-the-go electric hair trimmer

No time to visit your favorite barber shop for some nice haircut? No problem because the Circular Motion Personal Barber will take care of maintaining a clean haircut perfectly trimmed of course without going to your nearest barber shop.

As easy as combing your hair, the Circular Motion Personal Barber uses a rotary cutting system partnered with a razor sharp blades that cuts to any length you want simply by moving it circularly around your hair. Sounds easy right?

The Circular Motion Personal Barber

This electric hair trimmer is capable of cutting hair evenly while its easy to use and uniquely designed construction will allow the owner to hold and control the device properly for precise hair cutting.

The Circular Motion Personal Barber 2

This electric personal barber already comes with a rechargeable battery, a comb, cape, scissor and AC adapter.

So the next time you want a clean-cut hairstyle, use the Circular Motion Personal Barber, your on-the-go personal electric hair trimmer.

Read the rest of the features HERE or visit the Product Page for pricing and customer reviews.

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  1. To be honest, I can’t even shave my facial hair well, let alone to use this to cut my hair. I rather go to the salon, I just can’t trust my hair cutting skill. No way! 🙂

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