The Choreographed Light Show Tree – dazzles spectators, carolers, and passersby with 300 choreographed light shows

Are you looking for an outdoor Christmas tree where you can amaze any passersby, carolers or even any bystanders with some bright light shows? Try the Choreographed Light Show Tree. (AVAILABLE HERE)

This uniquely designed Christmas tree is perfect for decorating your backyard with some choreographed light shows. Thanks to its included 300 LED lights in different colors, creating a rich Christmas glow at home is now more exciting every time.

Choreographed Light Show Tree

The Choreographed Light Show Tree

This Christmas tree is unique because it can illuminate different patterns, speed and direction, it can even light up its included star-shaped topper to make it more interesting to view every time.

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Choreographed Light Show Tree 2

The Choreographed Light Show Tree already comes with a remote control so owners can easily control the tree’s light shows without any problem and best of all, it already includes a 5 feet long cord so owners can plug the angel directly to an AC outlet.

You can buy this outdoor Christmas Tree for only $279.95 with lifetime guarantee.