The Chlorine Minimizing Pool Ionizer – reduces the amount of chlorine required by up to 90%

The Chlorine Minimizing Pool Ionizer (available here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for ways on how to purify your pool so you don’t worry about too much chlorine on them every time.

Thanks to this uniquely designed pool purifier that floats steadily just to lessen the amount of chlorine up to 90 percent partnered with an integrated solar panel with ionizer designed to provide less power current yet very effective when it comes to reducing the amount of chlorine.

Chlorine Minimizing Pool Ionizer

The Chlorine Minimizing Pool Ionizer

This Pool Ionizer even comes with a copper anode that fits right into the coil to help release ions slowly but surely just enough to get rid of any algae and bad bacteria of course without you needing to add any algaecides.

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Chlorine Minimizing Pool Ionizer1

The Chlorine Minimizing Pool Ionizer is perfect as compared to using Chloride because even on hot days, they don’t degrade the performance of the purifier, it can even be used while you are swimming and best of all, it is capable of purifying pools of up to 25k gallons yet only weighs about 2lbs and measures only 10x10x7 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy this floating pool purifier for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.