The Child’s Motorized Personal Transporter – A stand-up vehicle operated via foot pedal accelerator and handle grip buttons

Looking for a motorized stand-up vehicle for your kids capable of spinning 360 degrees and accelerating at 3.7mph with just a press of a button? Give your kids the Child’s Motorized Personal Transporter [SOURCE], a uniquely designed personal transporter operated using a foot pedal accelerator partnered with handle grip buttons designed to control the turning.

The Child's Motorized Personal Transporter

The Child’s Motorized Personal Transporter

The Child’s Motorized Personal Transporter uses large tires with molded-in treads perfect for that optimal traction via sidewalks and of course even through driveways plus it even comes with a sturdy yet perfectly designed platform and a hidden 3rd wheel capable of providing stability even for riders of up to 89lbs.

The Child's Motorized Personal Transporter 1

This stand-up vehicle for kids already includes a 12-volt battery capable of providing up to 60 minutes of nonstop use while its included stickers will allow riders to customize their ride every time.

The Child’s Motorized Personal Transporter already includes an AC charger and is perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above.

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