The Children’s Night Vision Recorder – The children’s perfect nighttime spy tool

The Children’s Night Vision Recorder [SOURCE] is equipped with different vision modes to allow nighttime spies to secretly record photo and video evidence, thanks to the recorder’s uniquely designed infrared LED system, seeing and even capturing evidences even during the darkest night is now possible.

This night vision recorder’s 5-LED clusters located at the side of the lens will allow young secret agents to illuminate any subject even at 50 feet away of course without detection perfect for spying an enemy or even identifying someone at night.

The Children's Night Vision Recorder

The Children’s Night Vision Recorder

This recorder is designed to capture 80min. of video or up to 10k still photos in 640×480 resolution while its different switches right at the top of the recorder will allow the owner to activate different modes including ghost recon, thermal-tech filter, daytime mode and even short and long range scope.

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The Children’s Night Vision Recorder’s playback feature will definitely allow secret agents to playback any recorded videos or use the recorder’s easy to use knobs for some easy eye cup width and focus adjustments.

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