The Children’s McLaren P1 Ride On – A 1:4 scale electric ride-on inspired by the McLaren P1 that conveys a child in motoring majesty at up to 5 mph

The Children’s McLaren P1 Ride On [SOURCE] is not just capable of motoring your child at speed of up to 5mph but at the same time the perfect electric ride-on for kids because it allows them to roam around simply by pressing and releasing the foot pedal to accelerate around.

Complete with working brake and remote control where adult can use it for controlling the ride-on specially if kids can’t yet reach the foot pedal, thanks to its uniquely designed McLaren P1 inspired construction system partnered with sleek chassis, side mirrors and uniquely designed front hood, kids will surely enjoy riding a super car around.

The Children's McLaren P1 Ride On

The Children’s McLaren P1 Ride On

This 1:4 scaled electric ride-on also features a working headlights, plastic wheels, air condition and an easy to use steering wheels that allows kids to easily control just like those honks and horn signaling when someone gets in the way or better yet, let your kids play their favorite song as they steer around.

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The Children’s McLaren P1 Ride On already includes an integrated USB port so kids can easily connect their favorite gadgets and best of all, the included rechargeable battery will provide young riders up to 2 hours of driving from just a 3hr charge using its included adapter.

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