The Certified Aficionado’s Coffee Brewer – A 12 cup brewing system perfect for creating barista quality coffee

The Certified Aficionado’s Coffee Brewer [SOURCE] is a 12cup coffee brewing system that uses an intuitive microprocessor to help owners create great tasting barista quality coffee right at your very own home.

The Certified Aficionado's Coffee Brewer

The Certified Aficionado’s Coffee Brewer

This coffee brewer is packed with uniquely designed coffee to water ratio, unique grind and brew method, unique filtering medium and more to give you perfect coffee flavor using the brewer’s precision pump, thanks to the coffee brewer’s unique shower head partnered with perfect water measuring cycles and an internal scale that religiously monitors the water volume just to provide you with perfect coffee extraction every time.

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The Certified Aficionado's Coffee Brewer 1

This coffee maker is very easy to program using its included LED interface where owners can easily choose between tea or coffee, it even comes with a feature where controlling water temperature or even programming the coffee maker when to start to ensure your favorite tea or coffee will be ready when you wake up in the morning.

The Certified Aficionado’s Coffee Brewer already includes a glass water kettle, a stainless steel carafe, coffee scoop other important materials including filters.

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