The Cat’s Warming Pod – An indoor cat pod with integrated heated pad to keep cats warm and comfy

Looking for a perfect pod for your cat with built-in heating element to keep them comfortable every time? Try the Cat Warming Pod, an indoor cat pod recommended by cat veterinarians to help keep your cat warm and comfy every time.

This indoor cat pod is unique when it comes to providing cool temperatures because it utilizes a detachable heated pad capable of generating radiant heat that is warm yet is not hot to touch on human hands.

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Cat Warming Pod

Cat Warming Pod

The warming pod has a roof part where owner’s can easily zipped them off and is also perfect for small dog that needs to be cared off.

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Cat's Warming Pod 1

The Cat’s Warming Pod can be spot clean without any problem and plugs on an AC outlet and best of all, it only measures 18.5x16x13 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the indoor cat pod for $89.95 with lifetime guarantee.