The Car Air Purifying Ionizer – fits securely to your car’s cup holder to provide constant flow of clean air

The Car Air Purifying Ionizer —[SOURCE]— is perfect if you want to have a clean and de-ionized air inside your car, thanks to this portable air purifier equipped with integrated ionizer designed to disperse unwanted viruses and other bacteria easily attached in negative ions.

This air purifier is unique because it constantly flow clean air simply by moving negative to positive charged ions designed to clean even the floor and other surfaces away from the passenger and of course the driver.

The Car Air Purifying Ionizer

The Car Air Purifying Ionizer

This ionizer works simply by adding a few drops of essential oils already included right to its waterless diffuser so you can enjoy clean and calming scent every time.

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The Car Air Purifying Ionizer 1

This Air Purifying Ionizer is also equipped with 2 fan speed that is very quiet, you won’t even noticed that it is there working and cleaning the air and best of all, its included diffuser can be used even with or without ionization. Just plug the silicon base to your car’s USB port and start enjoying.

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