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The Canine Shower Stall – The Perfect Spa For Dogs

Problem with washing and rinsing your pet dog? Not anymore because the Canine Shower Stall can help you with that very tiring work, simply position your pet inside its 9 ½ cu. housing spa from small pet up to 200lbs and let its 16 pieces of water-jet nozzles and unique adjustable shower head do the cleaning from removing dog’s dog skin or simply washing and rinsing away paws, body and other difficult to reach areas. Easy eh!
canine shower stall

The Canine Shower Stall

The Canine Shower Stall features 2 built-in leashes with dual locking doors so keeping your dog inside is smooth and easy, a 31” high walls and clear plastic roof for keeping water inside and a detachable shelf for elevating smaller canines.

The Shower Spa for Dog also comes with an included adapter for connecting water faucets to the spa and a garden hose and elastic drainpipe for draining away water after the shower.

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– $1,200 at hammacher