The Camcorder Projector – Guarantees Best Outcome In Any Settings

This HD Camcorder Projector allows you share videos right away by projecting them up to 65 inches diagonal. A push of key switches on a fixed projector that utilizes with a 12 lumen lamp will exhibit a great sized rendition of videos and images on a wall and in a dim room.

The camcorder’s 5MP feeler detains video up to 1280 by 720 HD declarations and static images at 8MP. This Camcorder Projector features a permanent focus lens, 5 time’s digital zoom and a fitted LED light that guarantees best outcome in any settings with point and shoot easiness.

Its footages are stored up on a microSD card with 32GB. Its content can also be previewed on the camcorder’s 24 inches LCD monitor or an HD TV. A four hour charge from the integrated AC adapter offers two hours of action.

-$299.95 at Hammacher