The Burn Machine – Your advanced way of working and building out muscle’s vigor and cardio power

You want an advanced way of working and building out your muscle’s vigor and cardiovascular staying power? Now you can with The Burn Machine, a unique gadget that allows the owner to imitate different speed bag actions done by hard core boxers just to give you a fantastic core exercises every time.

So how does the Burn Machine work? Well, to start a challenging workout, just hold the device nicely and do some nice spinning just like mimicking a speedball routine. Sounds easy right.

The Burn Machine

The Burn Machine

This Burn Machine is capable of rotating the grips up to 360 degrees smoothly plus it includes all aspects of core strength workout, muscle toning and cardio-aerobic exercises.

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And to help you get fit quickly, simply follow the workout guide included in the DVD or take a look at the demonstration poster for some new techniques to get fit right away.

-£119.99 at firebox

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