The Buoyant 360 Degree Stereo Speaker – a Bluetooth speaker that floats while still providing 360° of stereo quality sound

The Buoyant 360 Degree Stereo Speaker (available here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker capable of floating yet can still provide the perfect sound while you are enjoying the pool.

Thanks to this waterproof Bluetooth Speaker now you can play your favorite music in stereo quality at the lake, ocean or even at your favorite swimming pool together with your family, especially if you are planning to have some outing this summer.

360 Degree Stereo Speaker

The Buoyant 360 Degree Stereo Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker besides its waterproof and sand proof features, it is also capable of producing 360 degrees of stereo quality sound and because it uses shockproof military grade technology, bringing it anywhere you go will not be a problem.

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360 Degree Stereo Speaker1

The Buoyant 360 Degree Stereo Speaker is also equipped with 5watt full range speakers capable of producing high quality sound in all directions, it even comes with a subwoofer capable of generating an impressive bass sound even while floating and best of all, it has an integrated LED lights where owners can set it up to pulse to the beat of their favorite tunes and best of all, it is capable of providing up to 11hrs of music sound especially when fully charged using its included USB charger. Weighs only 1.5lbs.

You can buy the Bluetooth Speaker for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.