The Bump Avoiding Parking Sensor – Alerts the driver of any potential bumps

The Bump Avoiding Parking Sensor [SOURCE] is the best parking aid for any drivers out there who wants to park their car easily without any problem.

Thanks to its uniquely designed sensor, alerting the driver of any object near the vehicle’s bumper in order to avoid them is now possible every time.

The Bump Avoiding Parking Sensor

The Bump Avoiding Parking Sensor

This easy to install parking sensor is very easy to use, simply mount it over your car’s existing plate frame and you’re good to go, thanks to its pair of ultrasonic sensors, detecting any obstacles is now possible.

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The Bump Avoiding Parking Sensor 1

The Bump Avoiding Parking Sensor connects via Bluetooth using any smartphones and uses free application that’s compatible with most Android and iOS devices out there to alert the owner of any potential bumps complete with audio, visual and even vibrating alerts at a range of up to 10 feet and best of all, it also comes with an integrated anti-theft alarm for extra security.

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