The Build Your Own Video Drone – A brick building set that forms a live video drone

The Build Your Own Video Drone [SOURCE] is a brick building set complete with easy to follow instruction so owners can easily assemble a hexacopter, quadcopter or your very own live video drone.

The set already includes all the necessary components like bricks, receiver board, motors, video camera, and remote control for building an advanced video drone plus it even includes a 2 inches diameter propellers that can be controlled even at 150 feet away using its 2.4ghz radio remote.

The Build Your Own Video Drone

The Build Your Own Video Drone

The assembled video drone can provide different movements like forward and backward, up and down and even sideways movement and because it can form a live video drone, capturing high definition video using its included camera is also possible.

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The Build Your Own Video Drone already includes a free application for streaming videos straight to your favorite gadget and best of all, it already comes with a USB cable for charging drones. This video drone building set is perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above and requires 4 double-a batteries for its included remote control. Weighs 2.5oz

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