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The Broadcast And Internet Streaming Radio – A tabletop appliance that tunes into AM/FM broadcasts and internet radio streams

The Broadcast And Internet Streaming Radio [SOURCE] is not just capable of tuning into AM and FM broadcast but at the same time streams internet radio, thanks to its integrated streaming apps like Pandora and Spotify, owners can easily access different internet radios for an endless song listening.

This tabletop radio is also capable of receiving AM and FM stations with FM RDS perfect for displaying the artist’s name, song and even the radio station information of course straight to its 2.8 inches display.

The Broadcast And Internet Streaming Radio

This tabletop appliance is not just unique when it comes to its looks but at the same time perfect in playing clear and crisp songs, thanks to its thick real wood-veneered MDF enclosure, housing the tweeter and woofer perfectly to come up to mellifluous audio quality is not a problem.

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The Broadcast And Internet Streaming Radio even comes with a digital amplifier capable of producing 30 watts per channel while its included USB port will allow the owner to easily play lossless playback and best of all, its optical input will allow the user to easily connect to a TV’s audio output.

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