The Brightest Image Rechargeable Projector – Projects laptop, smartphone, usb content on bigger screen clearly

Looking for a portable and rechargeable projector capable of projecting smartphone, laptop or even USB drive’s content whether it’s photos or videos on a bigger screen so everybody can see it clearly? Use the Brightest Image Rechargeable Projector [SOURCE], a small yet powerful projector capable of producing high definition resolution even at up to 121 percent range.

The Brightest Image Rechargeable Projector can generate of up to 160 lumen, thanks to its LED light source and high quality resolution, connecting any type of smartphones, laptops or even SD cards and USB flash drive to have a quick presentation will not be a problem.

The Brightest Image Rechargeable Projector

The Brightest Image Rechargeable Projector

This portable rechargeable projector is capable of projecting up to 120 inches of photos, videos or presentations at 4.3 or 16.9 ratios, thanks to its powerful processor partnered with unique stereo speakers and different inputs including HDMI ports so you can always project images or videos at 1080p.

This rechargeable projector uses a powerful lithium-ion battery capable of providing up to 75min. of power enough to have a nice presentation of your latest photos or videos at home or anywhere you want.

The brightest image rechargeable projector already comes with remote control, tripod and different cables for audio and video.

Watch the projector in action [HERE] or check the rest of the features at [THIS PAGE].