The Bose Wave Radio IV – The latest generation of compact radio that utilizes Bose Wave sound technology

The Bose Wave Radio IV [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed radio packed with Bose Wave technology sound in order to fill a room with some clear and of course life like music every time.

This compact radio uses Bose waveguide speaker, an award winning Bose technology to amplify the sound partnered with advanced digital electronics so it can produce a perfect concert hall sound just like those complex and larger stereo systems out there.

The Bose Wave Radio IV

The Bose Wave Radio IV

Bose Radio is also equipped with advanced tuner capable of delivering clear radio reception plus it even comes with presets so you can easily access your favorite radio station anytime.

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The Bose Wave Radio IV is not just sleek when it comes to its looks but is also free from buttons, thanks to its included credit card style remote control, accessing all your favorite radio stations will not be a problem and best of all, this radio also features a huge LCD screen that displays the song and station information you’re currently listening.

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