The Bose iPhone 5 Sound Dock – A modern speaker and charging dock for iPhone, iPad and other devices

Looking for a charging dock for your new iPad or iPhone while providing real crisp sound while you wait for you device to be fully charged? Use the Bose iPhone 5 Sound Dock [SOURCE], a uniquely made speaker at the same time charging dock created by the well-known name in home acoustics.

The Bose iPhone 5 Sound Dock is capable of delivering great sound that definitely music lovers will enjoy and because this speaker dock charges your latest iPads and iPhones and at the same time partnered with its modern look and design from Bose, meaning producing consistent charging and room filling sound will not be a problem.

The Bose iPhone 5 Sound Dock

The Bose iPhone 5 Sound Dock

This iPhone 5 Sound Dock already includes a nice remote control where owners can manage all the basic features and functions of your iPhone including navigating around your phones playlists. This sound dock is also compatible with other devices using its included lightning connector and auxiliary inputs.

Watch the Bose speaker dock in action [HERE] or visit [THIS PAGE] for more information.