The Bose Call Answering Earbuds – The high quality earbuds with perfect sound quality and one-touch call answering feature

Is your Smartphone music earbuds can’t provide the perfect sound quality and one-touch answering to your incoming calls? Use the Bose Call Answering Earbuds [SOURCE], a high quality ear buds with built-in in-line mic so you can enjoy your latest music collection while at the same time provide a one-touch button to answer and end calls on any smart phones.

The Bose Call Answering Earbuds

The Bose Call Answering Earbuds

The Bose Call Answering Earbuds works simply by touching the buttons located right at the earbuds to easily pause music and take the incoming call and when you are done, tapping the button again will easily end the call and automatically resume music playing.

The Bose Call Answering Earbuds 2

The unique design of the ear bud’s tips will see to it that it will rest comfortably in your ear for long periods of music session, it even allows you to use the music earbuds to enjoy music while having a morning workout because it securely fits in place while doing the exercise. Just don’t forget to specify the type of earbud you want to use such as Android, Windows or for iPhone use.

Check the rest of the features [HERE].

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