Mosquito Trap? Check this convincingly designed mosquito killer capable of mimicking a person’s human body heat in order to attract and kill mosquitoes easily.

The Body Heat Mimicking Mosquito Trap is designed to realistically mimic body heat creation to trick flying blood suckers and once the unit detects mosquitoes from its one acre range, it will then automatically produce fragrance-free carbon dioxide gas to entice the insects to get inside the trap.

The Body Heat Mimicking Mosquito Trap

Unlike other mosquito traps that uses single stimulus, the body heat mimicking mosquito trap also uses blue lights to help attract mosquitoes to draw near the trap while its included fan will help blow mosquitoes inside where they will be terminated.

This mosquito trap is powered using its own thermoelectric power, it even comes with a wheeled base so you can position it anywhere you want. This device requires 20lbs propane tank and four c batteries.

Start eliminating mosquitoes now, use the body heat mimicking mosquito trap for an effective and mosquito free environment.

-$599.95 at hammacher