The Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo – A stereo system that utilizes a vacuum tube amplifier to provide superior audio performance

The Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo [SOURCE] is not just perfect when it comes to providing the best audio performance but at the same time unique because it uses vacuum tube amplifier in order to generate more energizing and warmer tones as compared to those transistor-based stereo system.

This bluetooth stereo system is capable of limiting any sound distortion even when overloaded and has better signal-to-noise ratio, thanks to its included 2 12Ax7 vacuum tubes, generating a distortion-free sound signal straight to its included 12watt speakers is now possible.

The Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo

The Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo

So whether you are playing your favorite music from your latest gadgets including your new iPhone, iPad or even your latest Bluetooth device, enjoying a more robust bass response and even clearer and more dynamic tones are just one those reason why you can’t resist enjoying your favorite songs every time.

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The Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Stereo works simply by switching on the amplifier to enable quick selection between different music sources like Bluetooth audio source, RCA input, or even playing from your favorite CD player or turntable and best of all, it also includes 4 binding posts so owners can easily connect additional high-fidelity speakers any time.

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