The Bluetooth Speaker LED Lamp – A desktop lamp that connects to a Bluetooth enabled device and wirelessly streams music

The Bluetooth Speaker LED Lamp >>>[SOURCE]<<< is a uniquely designed desktop lamp capable of connecting to almost any Bluetooth enabled devices, just perfect if you want to stream your favorite music wirelessly at home while having a good night relaxation.

This desktop lamp is equipped with 36 white LED lights complete with different level of brightness that can be easily adjusted just enough to illuminate your favorite tabletop or bedroom desk.

The Bluetooth Speaker LED Lamp

The Bluetooth Speaker LED Lamp

This LED lamp connects easily via Bluetooth to tablet, smartphone or even your favorite computer and because it already comes with a built-in 3watt speaker, playing crisp audio will not be a problem.

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The Bluetooth Speaker LED Lamp 1

The Bluetooth Speaker LED Lamp also comes with an integrated microphone so it can function as a speakerphone and best of all, it also includes 2 USB ports for connecting other music player or charging your favorite gadgets. Just plug the bluetooth speaker to your AC outlet and you’re good to go. Weighs only 2.5lbs.

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