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The Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier – A hybrid vacuum tube amp capable of providing superior audio performance

Tired of using your transistor-based amplifiers because it cannot provide the best sound performance? Try the Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier —[VIDEO]—, an excellent vacuum tube amplifier capable of pairing to almost any type of Bluetooth music player and provide the best possible audio performances every time.

Thanks to its hybrid vacuum tube feature, now you can generate a warmer and perfect tones of course without worrying about distortion even if it is overloaded.

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Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier

This sound enhancing amplifier is not just unique when it comes to its looks but at the same time unique because it has a better signal-to-noise ration and because it also features 2 6N3 tubes, generating a perfect watts on every channel minus those unwanted distortion signals to add clarity and punch to your favorite mp3s is now possible anytime.

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This Bluetooth Sound Enhancing Amplifier allows the owner to play from their favorite music player including their favorite iPad, iPhone and even Android phone wirelessly will not be a problem, it can even provide the perfect bass for a more richer sound combination and best of all, it has an easy to use switch located at the top of the amplifier so owners can easily select different audio source. Weighs only 9lbs.

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