The Bluetooth Snore Reducer – Uses bone conduction and sound technology to detect snoring

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer [VIDEO] is a uniquely designed snore reducer device capable of alerting the user to change its position when it detects snoring, thanks to its bone conduction and sound recognition technology, helping the wearer to reduce snoring is now possible.

This in-ear Bluetooth snoring reducer is made using a soft silicone material and is very comfortable to use and because it fits nicely over an ear partnered with different vibration level designed effectively to help stimulate the users body to shift position, distracting snoring can now be minimized any time.

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer

This snore reducing device is designed to pair with an iOS or Android devices easily using Bluetooth connectivity and already comes with a free app where owners can easily record sleep data and other information for monitoring purposes.

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The Bluetooth Snore Reducer 1

The Bluetooth Snore Reducer already comes with a USB cable where owners can use it to recharge the included battery and best of all, it already includes an earpiece just perfect to hear the beeps you set to help you to shift position.

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