The Bluetooth Handset Quad Charger – charges smartphones and tablets all at the same time

The Bluetooth Handset Quad Charger [PRODUCT PAGE] is designed to provide clean and effective charging slots for your important devices including your latest tablets and smartphones, thanks to its uniquely designed charging dock wherein up to 4 devices will be charge all at the same time.

No more cluttered and knotted cable chargers, with Bluetooth Handset Quad Chargers, simply dock up to 2 smartphones at its front dock panel, 1 tablet behind in landscape position and the other one for USB charging located at the rear where you can use the device charging cable for a quick battery juicing.

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The Bluetooth Handset Quad Charger

The Bluetooth Handset Quad Charger

This quad battery charger also comes with a wireless handset that can be paired with 2 Bluetooth devices all together letting you receive and place calls with any device even at 30 feet away.

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The Bluetooth Handset Quad Charger 2

Unlike ordinary chargers, this gadget is capable of charging 4 devices together plus it even comes with built-in Bluetooth handset so you can answer call while charging other important gadgets at the same time. Just don’t forget to plug the device to an AC outlet with its included adapter though before docking others and answering calls.

Check the rest of the features [HERE] and [CLICK HERE] for price comparison.

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