The Blind Spot Eliminator – A side view mirror that expands a driver’s field of vision 2 1/2X to easily see a car’s blind spots

The Blind Spot Eliminator [SOURCE] is perfect for car owners you want to expand their field of vision specifically when looking at blind spots at their car’s side view mirror, thanks to the blind spot eliminator’s easy to setup feature, now you can easily see who is coming behind.

The Blind Spot Eliminator

The Blind Spot Eliminator

The Blind Spot Eliminator is very easy to setup, simply clamp it firmly to your vehicle’s existing side mirror and you’re good to go, you don’t even need to drill, just use the included hardware, clamp firmly and go.

This blind spot eliminator is perfect for motorist who wants to comfortably monitor important spots while driving like monitoring a car’s door, extra highway lanes and even your car’s immediate surroundings of course without the need to turn heads at the back or crane. Thanks to the mirror’s uniquely designed optic glass and convex surfaced design, reducing glare and obtaining full view behind will not be a problem.

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