The Bicycle Rearview Camera – Provides a clearer view of the road behind

Cycling is good for burning calories and it is considered as one of the best form of exercise. Whether you are going up the hill or racing with other cyclists, the Bicycle Rearview Camera is just one of the important gadgets that you can mount to your bicycle especially if you want some extra eyes in seeing what’s approaching behind.

With Bicycle Rearview Camera, now you can protect yourself from any road accidents because it allows you to clearly see any approaching vehicles behind, thanks to its 3 1/2 monitor that is positioned cleverly in your bicycle’s front handlebar and camera that is mounted at the cyclist’s back seat so you’ll have a clearer view of anything that is following you.

The Bicycle Rearview Camera

This anti vibration and weather resistant Bicycle Rearview Camera even comes with an automatic red flashing LED light to inform the cyclist of low light conditions for visibility problem and a rechargeable battery system so you can enjoy up to 10 straight hours of operation from a 2 hours of battery charging using its included adapter.

So the next time you want to race or have some morning exercise, don’t forget to attach the bicycle rearview camera. Enjoy!

-$179.95 at hammacher


  1. That’s cool. I do cycling sometimes and it’s a fun sport. $179.95 for safety is not expensive at all Nhick! The only downside is that now I might have to worried about the gadget being stolen from my bicycle if I have one installed.

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