The Better Ironing Board – with 360 degrees function to enable one to press front and back of a shirt without removal

The Better Ironing Board [VIDEO] is not just capable spinning at 360 degrees but at the same time allows the owner to easily press the shirt’s front and back without removing it from the ironing board.

Just like ordinary static ironing board out there that consumes a lot of time turning the shirt back and forth just to press it properly, this board is unique because it helps the owner to do the task with minimal effort.

The Better Ironing Board

The Better Ironing Board

How does it work? Well, just secure the shirt right around the board, press one side, flip the board over to iron the other side. Easy right, it even comes with a padded surface designed for pressing cuffs and collars.

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The Better Ironing Board also comes with pants clips designed to tautly fasten slacks right onto the board perfect for steaming sharp creases and best of all, its aluminum frame that is very easy to adjust will allow the owner to adjust the position just in case you want to stand when ironing. Includes iron rest, ironing board and machine washable cover.

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