The Better Boarding Bag – a lightweight yet durable carry-on that keeps essentials organized and accessible

The Better Boarding Bag is not just light when it comes to carrying it every time you travel around but at the same time durable enough that you can keep all your travel essentials organized and accessible every time.

Thanks to this sturdy yet very light carry-on, providing avid travelers with enough space complete with zippered pockets and rugged polyester exterior for storing your passports, credit cards, tablets and more will not be a problem.

Better Boarding Bag

This carry-on boarding bag is unique as compared to any other ordinary traveling bags out there simply because it is equipped with RFID scanner blockers designed to protect your credit cards from hackers and a uniquely designed compartment and mesh pockets for storing your other travel accessories.

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Better Boarding Bag1

The Better Boarding Bag already comes with an adjustable padded shoulder strap, adjustable side pockets and clip-locking zippers for that worry free airline travel every time and best of all, it only measures 12.5x11x4 inches in length, width and diameter respectively. Weighs only 16oz.

You can buy the better boarding carry-on bag for only $89.95 with lifetime guarantee.