The Best Wand Scanner – A handheld document scanner with LCD screen that provides the clearest and most vibrant scans

Looking for a document scanner that can provide the clearest and most bubbly scans? Use the Best Wand Scanner [SOURCE], a high quality document scanner capable of producing up to 1050dpi of clear and vibrant scans so you don’t have to worry about blurry or faded colors.

The Best Wand Scanner is ideal for scanning photographs, documents and business cards and unlike ordinary scanners, this portable wand scanner already includes a dock for feeding and scanning documents automatically, you even have the option to hold the scanner for that easy capturing of documents anytime.

The Best Wand Scanner

The Best Wand Scanner

This wand scanner also features a nice and colorful LCD screen, perfect for viewing scanned jobs and best of all, this scanner can scan documents in just a matter of 12 seconds depending on the scanners settings.

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The Best Wand Scanner 2

The scanner only weighs 5.5oz and also comes with microSD/HC slot for saving files quickly while its rechargeable battery can provide 400 scans when fully charged.

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