The Best TV Headphones – Enjoy clear and crisp sound even at 165 feet away from its transmitter

Is your TV headphone can’t provide the perfect transmission of spoken words and overall sound quality and effects? Use the Best TV headphones [VIDEO], a wireless headphone capable of transmitting stereo quality sound even at 165 feet away from its transmitter so you can enjoy clear and crisp sound every time you watch your favorite TV shows or movie.

The Best TV Headphones are every comfortable to use, thanks to the headphone’s unique earcups and adjustable head straps, now you can listen to your favorite film scores and sound effects for long periods reliably and comfortably.

The Best TV Headphones

The Best TV Headphones

These TV headphones uses its transmitter dock for recharging the wireless headphones while its auto-adjust sound feature and built-in left and right sound volumes are just enough for controlling the sound balance right at the earcups.

This wireless headphone is capable of providing up to 16hrs. of use, just don’t forget to recharge it though via your AC outlet.

Watch the headphone in action [HERE].