The Best Steam Mop – A steam mop that cleaned faster and more effectively than other models

You want an effective steam mop capable of cleaning dried applesauce from your flooring? Use the Best Steam Mop —[VIDEO]—, an advanced and most effective mop equipped with other features that other models can’t handle.

This mop cleaned faster than any other models available and kills up to 99.9 percent bacteria including E Coli, Salmonella and even MRSA. Thanks to its easy to heat feature, producing a pressurized 200 degrees Fahrenheit of steam to kill germs quickly is now possible.

The Best Steam Mop

The Best Steam Mop

This mop already comes with different attachments like mop pad, scraper tool, grout tool, angle tool and handheld tool while its included 12oz reservoir can be easily refilled using its included cup.

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The Best Steam Mop 1

This effective mop only measures 46.5x14x9.5 inches in length, width and diameter and already includes a 25 feet cord so you can easily plug it to your AC outlet and start mopping. Weighs only 61/4lbs.

Watch the mop in action HERE.