The Best Electronic Chess Game – A cool Electronic Chessboard for indoor and outdoor use

Looking for the best chessboard for your next chess game? Try this Electronic Chess Game, —[SOURCE]— a cool 8″ sq. Electronic Chessboard that allows chess players to easily play chess games, play with computer’s moves or even have a training session to study the best mate combinations and other possible chess positions without any problem because this electronic chess game lit with LEDs to show understandable chess pieces movements.

The Best Electronic Chess Game

The Best Electronic Chess Game

This Electronic Chess Game comes with 64 playing levels, 8 integrated classical mate studies, hint and training modes and an ELO Swedish rating of up to 2200 so players can take back movements to study the setting positions and problems encountered during the game play.

The Best Electronic Chess Game is just 4lbs. and also comes with included AC adapter. This chessboard uses up to 6 double-a batteries if you plan to play chess outdoor.

-$299.95 at hammacher