The Bedroom Air Purifier – emits gentle white noise to promote sleep as it removes airborne impurities

You want to get rid of the smoke, dust, dirt, smell and other viruses out of your room? Use the Bedroom Air Purifier, a 5-stages of filtration system air purifier capable of removing up to 99.97 percent of particles so you can sleep without worrying about airborne impurities every time.

This air purifier works quietly in the background perfect for promoting good night sleep any time, it even comes with 2 pre-filters designed to catch medium and large sized contaminants like allergens, odors and even gases.

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Bedroom Air Purifier

The final filter layer on the other hand uses military-grade cloth designed to catch other airborne toxins that unlike ordinary air purifiers out there that are noisy and cannot target room bigger than 1,500 feet square, this unit is just perfect because it can purify the room 2x an hour.

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Bedroom Air Purifier 1

The Bedroom Air Purifier already comes with 3 speeds and is constructed using a sturdy steel partnered with sturdy casters so owners can easily relocate the unit anywhere they want at any time and best of all, the included filter could last for up to 5yrs. Weighs only 47lbs.

You can buy the air purifier for only $844.95 with lifetime guarantee.