The Beachgoer’s Reading Room – A portable sunshade perfect for use at the beach, on a ship, or lounging by the pool

The Beachgoer’s Reading Room [VIDEO] is not just perfect in blocking the sun’s rays but is also perfect in providing sunshade specially when you are at the beach, by the pool or even on a ship that needs something that gets rid of sun’s glare.

This portable sunshade is equipped with adjustable top that tilts for up to 180 degrees up and 20 degrees down enough to block the sun’s rays and lessening the wash out effect of screens specially in direct sunlight.

The Beachgoer's Reading Room

The Beachgoer’s Reading Room

This sunshade is made from 100 percent acrylic canvas plus it even comes with a canopy capable of providing UPF protection, integrated pockets for holding books, electronic readers and a universal tablet holder so you can read your latest news while sun bathing without any problem.

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The Beachgoer’s Reading Room is also equipped with sturdy frame capable of resisting weather, sea-salt exposure and even heat of the sun and best of all, it folds flat and includes a carrying backpack so you can bring it anywhere you go.

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