The Battling RC Laser Tag Trucks – equipped with an infrared laser cannon and a multi-directional driving system

Still not decided on what to give to your kids this Christmas? Try the Battling RC Laser Tag Trucks. (Available Here for only $129.95)

These uniquely designed monster trucks are your perfect answer simply because they’re all equipped with infrared lasers designed to target any incoming enemies simply by striking with a laser light.

Equipped with laser cannons and can perform different maneuvering, each truck’s lights flash and together with a sound effects will definitely make your kids enjoy battling whether indoor or outdoor and because it already includes an easy to use remote control, engaging in a battle of mobile domination even at 98 feet range in a basement or at your kid’s favorite backyard will not be a problem.

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The Battling RC Laser Tag Trucks can be recharged using an included USB charger, just add some batteries for the remote and you’re good to go.

You can buy these RC monster trucks with infrared lasers for only $129.95