The Bathroom Mold And Germ Sanitizer – eliminates 99.998% of mold and germs using polar ionization technology

Looking for a bathroom sanitizer capable of eliminating molds and germs up to 99.9 percent? Use the Bathroom Mold and Germ Sanitizer, your perfect air and surface sanitizer that is very easy to use yet effective enough because it uses polar ionization technology so you’ll have a sanitized room every time.

This air and surface sanitizer is very easy to use, simply plug it to your wall outlet to allow the device to start dispersing ions designed to destroy bad bacteria, spores and even other room impurities without any problem.

Mold And Germ Sanitizer

Mold And Germ Sanitizer

This sanitizer is capable of eliminating germs in a room for up to 100 feet square, it even comes with a washable filter designed to help trap dust, you even have the option to add some charcoal filter for absorbing bad odors.

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Mold And Germ Sanitizer 1

This bathroom sanitizer also features an integrated night light and is capable of producing no ozone and best of all, it does not increase your room temperature when used regularly. Measures only 6.5x4x1.5 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 8oz.

You can buy the air and surface sanitizer for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.