The Barbecue Dining Boat – Boat with built-in barbecue grill

If you love our paddle board, then try this unique Barbecue Dining Boat —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed boat packed with integrated barbecue grill complete with trolling motor and umbrella so boat lovers out there who wants to picnic at the same time enjoy sight seeing is now possible.

This boat can fit for up to 10 adults and has steel charcoal grill with table and 10 place settings where each riders can have a recessed plate holder, beverage and silverware trays.


Barbecue Dining Boat

Its 6 compartments located just under the seat is designed to store food and other important supplies enough to provide an all day cookouts for 10 persons, it even comes with a nylon umbrella that can be detached easily for that relaxing summer gate-away every time.

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The Barbecue Dining Boat is capable of maneuvering up to 2.5mph, thanks to its powerful electric motor partnered with rechargeable batteries, roaming around for up to 8hrs of continuous use specially when fully charged will not be a problem. Weighs only 1,102lbs.

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