The Backseat Safety Dog Deck – creates a safe, comfortable platform for dogs riding in a vehicle’s back seat

The Backseat Safety Dog Deck [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to its design and construction but at the same time a perfect shelf for creating a comfortable and safe platform for dogs inside a vehicle.

This dog deck has a shallow depths, uneven surfaces and slopes right at the vehicle’s back seat enough to cause a god pace and claw in order to avoid them from sliding backwards.

The Backseat Safety Dog Deck

The Backseat Safety Dog Deck

This backseat dog deck eliminates both behaviors and protects your car’s covering plus it even prevents the dog from falling, thanks to its wide and deep deck partnered with built-in rear leveling blocks and adjustable front legs, now you can create a stable and comfortable surface for your favorite dog while traveling.

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The Backseat Safety Dog Deck 1

The Backseat Safety Dog Deck is capable of supporting dogs of up to 200lbs and best of all, it also allows the owner to keep pet cages in place right into its molded non-slip surface. This shelf is made with recycled plastic and has a removable surface for easy cleaning. Weighs 12lbs.

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