The Back Stretcher – Relieves lower and mid back pain and stiffness effectively

The Back Stretcher —[SOURCE]— is perfect when it comes to relieving back pain and stiffness, thanks to the stretcher’s gentle yet firm traction, now you can get rid of your lower and mid back pain at home any time.

This gentle but firm back stretcher uses the user’s body weight in order to make a strong yet steady traction perfect for relieving pressure on the user’s spine and at the same time loosens tense back muscles.

The Back Stretcher

The Back Stretcher

This stretcher has a side shoulder pads designed to keep the user’s shoulder, spine and even its hips to be aligned properly while its included adjustable padded waistband will allow the user to modify the stretcher’s different range of motion.

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The Back Stretcher 1

The Back Stretcher is also perfect if you want to improve your quality of life and mobility with just a matter of weeks of continuous using and best of all, it can support users of up to 350lbs and already includes different pads for chest and hips. Weighs only 23lbs.

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