The Award Winning Teeth Whitener – Provides Safe and Long Lasting White Teeth

Teeth Whitener? Check this cool gadget capable of whitening teeth quickly than any other teeth whitening device out there simply because this award winning teeth whitener uses only the best treatment system so you’ll have long lasting white teeth in just a short period of treatment.

This Award Winning Teeth Whitener includes a uniquely designed mouthpiece that releases heat and LED light straight to your teeth of course coated with hydrogen peroxide gel so you’ll have 5 shades of white teeth every time.

The Award Winning Teeth Whitener

Unlike electric toothbrush and other methods of whitening your teeth, the gel is carbamide and alcohol free, perfect for getting rid of any discomforts especially for those who have sensitive teeth.

This teeth whitener already comes with 10 gel packs ideal for 40 applications while its included rechargeable battery allows you to treat your teeth for up to 2 hours straight if charge for 4 hours via its included AC.

-$274.95 at hammacher

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