The Award Winning Best Picture OLED TV – A Smart TV capable of producing the most stunning and lifelike picture

The Award Winning Best Picture OLED TV is a 65″ television packed with 4K OLED designed to provide the most stunning and realistic picture you’ve been looking for in a television, thanks to the OLED TV’s deeper black levels, best color accuracy and superior contrast, viewing the clearest picture every time you watch your favorite TV or Movie show is now possible.

The Award Winning Best Picture OLED TV

The Award Winning Best Picture OLED TV

This award winning OLED Television is 4 times more powerful than 1080p HD TVs, thanks to its 8.3 million pixels partnered with 3840×2160 resolution and .01 redraws, now you can enjoy smooth and incomparable realism even at fast paced sports and action movies.

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The Award Winning Best Picture OLED TV 1

The Award Winning Best Picture OLED TV is also capable of up-scaling automatically any traditional HD content into an ultra HD resolution and best of all, this television is also a smart TV because it already comes with an integrated wifi and browser so owners can access online apps and 3D content straight into the television. Other important feature includes 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and an Ethernet port.

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